650 000€

Ref: 052B/18

Owned by a Tibetan Buddhist charity (The Rokpa Trust) this beautiful natural reserve of close to 300 hectares (278 927m2) is made up of two fincas. Plana del Blanc 269.4329m2 and Plana del Rei 9.4945m2, which lie side by side in the Burga Valley, between El Perello and Rasquera. 2km off the TV-3022.

The property which was valued by TINSA in 2017 to be worth over 1.1 million euros, has been put on the market for considerably less.

The finca consists of approximately 21 hectares of almond groves, 8 hectares of olive groves and 248 hectares of grazing, natural vegetation, and pine forest.

Made up of flat undulating pastures, olive and almond groves, low mountain, with caves, which have been used for meditation retreats, and an abundance of natural flora and fauna, the property also has a private hunting license.

A few of the animals native to the area include wild boar, rabbits, badgers, foxes, stoats, martens and genets. Golden eagles, Honey buzzards, Bonelli´s eagles, Red-legged partridge, quail - and a host of migratory birds, as well as a variety of reptiles including Moorish geckos and the beautiful oscillated, blue spotted lizard. The odd Emu has even been known to pass through (although not native to the area.)

Wild flora includes an abundance of rosemary, thyme, lavender, saffron crocuses, oregano, wild asparagus, poppies, alliums etc, which in turn attracts a host of butterflies and moths. Autumn brings with it a variety of mushrooms, including the sort-after milk saffron (Rovellones.)

The land has been ecologically cared for, for over 15 years, although it does not currently hold a Soil Association certificate, one can be applied for.

The property lies in the protected area of PEIN. Types of activities which can be carried out there include farming, tourism, hunting etc.

There is a secure, well built, 90m2 shed/almacen on Mas Del Blanc, as well as a large stone corral higher up on the land. A sizeable dam on the property is used by the fire department in case of emergencies. The water from the dam is also for the property´s use. Mas Del Rei has an old stone caseta and a connection to irrigation water.

There is currently a herd of cows who roam and graze freely on the land.

Besides the olive and almond harvest, the almond trees have also been used to harvest flowers for organic shampoos and essential oils.

This property would suit anyone breeding free-range animals, horses, companies specializing in essential oils, botanists, ornithologists, lepidopterists, naturalists, artists or anyone who enjoys big open skies, peace and quiet, with spectacular scenery.

A unique and beautiful piece of the countryside located less than 10km from the village of El Perello, around 20 minutes to the Costa Daurada coastline, 45 minutes to Reus airport and 2 hours from Barcelona.

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