14 000€

Ref: 202/19

A unique opportunity to buy two riverside properties close to Rasquera.

Both properties, which have written water extraction rights from the river, consist of flat land of just over 1 000m2 each.

The first property with very good access to the river, for fishing and swimming, has had the trees pulled out, so is ready for planting new crops. Although this is not required by law and it can be left fallow.

The second property, further down the river, (walking distance from the first) is situated in a private little enclave. This property has around 45 irrigated orange trees in full production. It is backed by a small cliff with a cave where goats were once kept, which belongs to the property.

The properties can be bought separately, although the owner is offering to sell them together for a better price.

PLEASE NOTE: These properties are not suitable for building or living on.

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