28 000€

Ref: 024/13

This well situated finca of 2.6 (26.691m2) hectares with stunning views to the coast, is accessed along a track of around 5 minutes drive and is located less than 10 minutes from Campredo and the main roads into Tortosa and the coast.

There is a well proportioned stone casita not far from the track, which is situated on flat, level ground. The casita is approximately 50m2 with a high back wall, which once had a mezzanine level.

The interesting land is well terraced and goes down to a barranca (dried out river bed) and beyond. The current owner, who has an irrigation company, says that there is water on the property and he could drill a borehole if the buyer so requested.

The land is planted with olives, almonds and carob trees. Although the land hasn’t been tended for a few years it wouldn’t be difficult to bring the trees back to full production.

There is another finca of approximately 3 hectares above the track from this finca, which is planted with olives and has spectacular views to the mountains, sea and valley below. The current owner would consider selling this finca together with the one advertised. This would create a large finca of nearly 6 hectares.

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