El Perello VIews


Situated directly off the N340 motorway, El Perello lies between the mountains of the Burga Valley to it’s back, and the sea to the front. It has a long and colourful history and has been occupied since pre-historic times, as can be seen in the Iberian cave paintings at Cabra-Feixet. It was also an important stop on the old Via Augusta Roman road and right through history, which is evident in the various buildings and monuments constructed over the centuries.

Today El Perello is famous for it’s honey and bees, as well as it’s fiestas. It is a popular tourist destination in the summer, because of it’s close proximity to the coast with it’s many beaches and coves.

El Perello  is quite a modern village with banks, supermarkets, hairdressers, bakeries, bars and restaurants, nightclub, public swimming pool, cinema, sports centre and football pitch, health centre and even an old age home,  as well as it’s own small industrial area where all building materials can be purchased. There is a playschool, junior and a high school. There are also mills that process the local crops of olives, almonds and carobs.