Rasquera is a small village of around 1000 inhabitants, lying at the foot of the Serra de Cardo mountains, at the top end of the Burga Valley, on the TV3022 Rasquera to El Perello Rd, and just off of the C12 motorway.

It is an ancient village, once owned by the Knights Templars and well known for it’s goats and “pastors” as well as it’s basket weaving. On the first weekend in May each year the Ramadera and artisan fair is held, celebrating the goats and local crafts. In August there is the popular carrefocs “devils” night, as well as many other local celebrations that are held throughout the year.
In 2012 Rasquera hit world headlines when the then mayor proposed growing cannabis as a way out of the recession. Although a sleepy traditional village, what surprised most people was that the majority of the inhabitants voted in favour of the idea, although nothing much has come of it.

Rasquera has mills for processing the local crops of olives, carobs and almonds, a bank, play and junior schools, supermarket, health centre, public swimming pool, various pubs and bakeries, and a nightclub, Lo Submarino, well known for its live music. There is a school bus that takes older children to high schools in El Perello and Mora D’Ebre. There is also a bus service to Tortosa.